Bounce HIIT -  High Intensity Interval Training. Take your heart rate up above 80% of your max and keeping it there. High calorific expenditure. 

BounceFit - Aerobic conditioning Bounce-style. Working between 60-80% of your max heart rate, great for anyone looking at improving their health, endurance and improve their energy systems.

Bounce Basics – Designed for those new to training or unsure of their technique. This class will teach you the fundamental movements; squat, lunge, hinge, push and pull.

Bounce Women - This female only class has all the benefits of HIIT, Basics and Fit but in the comfort of a female only environment.

BounceFit Kids - Great workout for kids to learn the principles of proper training technique. A fun  workout structure featuring dynamic exercise, plyometrics, body weight exercises and light weightlifts with an emphasis on good technique.

Saturday Kids Circuits - A circuit-based class to improve athletic and sport based performance in a fun environment, all ages all abilities welcome. Get your weekend off to the best possible start!

BounceFit Teens - Learn the principles of Strength & Conditioning and safe technique in Instuctor-led workouts.

Olympic & Power Lifting - Timeless strength and conditioning movements. Squat, bench, deadlift, snatch, clean and jerk. Learn why, how and when to implement these exercises. Programming help, accessory exercises and technique.   

Multi-Directional Speed, Strength & Movement – This class is aimed at people wanting to improve any running based sport. Learn how to how to accelerate, decelerate, stop and change direction FAST!

Ashtanga Yoga - This dynamic practice synchronises breathing with movement, improving your mind/body connection. The set sequences will help you to build core strength and flexibility. All levels welcome!

Pilates - A combination of strength and mobility work to improve core strength, spinal support and pelvic control.

Non-Member prices

Adult Classes - £15

Child Classes - £12.50

All classes included in Bounce Memberships

Special Events

Keep an eye on our social media pages as we frequently hold workshops and seminars in addition to our timetabled classes.