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Mark has over 10 years experience as an Osteopath having qualified from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in 2006. Specializing in musculo-skeletal conditions and rehabilitation he is proficient in diagnosing and treating a wide range of physical conditions, from acute to chronic. He understands the underlying causes of the condition (including bad posture, dietary or life style habits), with the aim not only at pain relief, but also in the prevention and re-occurrence of acute conditions, with the goal for gradual recovery or stabilization of more chronic disease. Working to restore your body to a state of balance without using drugs or surgery.


Having worked with a wide variety of patients from Olympic athletes competing in Beijing, London and Rio to the weekend warrior as well as children. He treats everyone individually with bespoke treatment. 


He is well versed in Structural & Cranial Osteopathy, Provider of Ultrasound Therapy, Myofascial Dry Acupuncture Needling, Kinesio Sport Taping Specialist and trained in Instrument assisted soft tissue massage (IASTM) using the rock blade instrument.