Nathan has been involved in sport since a young age, playing rugby, basketball, athletic, swimming and football. He played at Borough & County level in Football representing Surrey, and played for the Reservist Army National team whilst at University. More recently Nathan has been developing his skills in boxing, both as a fighter and coach.

Nathan studies Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Leeds and enjoys combining the science with the art of coaching. He has worked as a Physical Training Instructor for Army Reserves and as a Strength & Conditioning coach focusing on working with youth athletes. Nathan has spent time in both the USA and New Zealand developing his craft of coaching, particularly in:

- Strength & Power Development
- Programming
- Speed Development (Acceleration, Multi-directional, top speed)
- Energy Systems Development
- Healthy Lifestyle
- Teaching the movement fundamentals

Nathan has a real passion for helping others and cares about achieving results for his clients.