Bounce HIIT -  High Intensity Interval Training. Take your heart rate up above 80% of your max and keeping it there. High calorific expenditure. 

Bounce Fit - Aerobic conditioning Bounce-style. Working between 60-80% of your max heart rate, great for anyone looking at improving their health, endurance and improve their energy systems.

Bounce Basics – Designed for those new to training or unsure of their technique. This class will teach you the fundamental movements; squat, lunge, hinge, push and pull.

Bounce Women - This female only class has all the benefits of HIIT, Basics and Fit but in the comfort of a female only environment.

Young Athletes – This class is solely aimed at the 9-16 year olds amongst us. This class will increase a youngsters athletic potential over a multitude of sports. 

Strong Man / Strong Women - Let us show you how to use equipment like the Yolk, Prowler, Sled, Farmers walk handles and enjoy it. High calorie expenditure.

Gymnastics Conditioning - A class designed for all to learn basic gymnastics skills and conditioning to combine strength and mobility.

Olympic & Power Lifting - Timeless strength and conditioning movements. Squat, bench, deadlift, snatch, clean and jerk. Learn why, how and when to implement these exercises. Programming help, accessory exercises and technique.   

Speed and Movement Skills – This class is aimed at people wanting to improve any running based sport. Learn how to how to accelerate, decelerate, stop and change direction FAST!

Boxing Conditioning – Learn to box in a safe environment. Bag work, floor work and a total body workout. High calorie expenditure. 

Lads & Dads - The ultimate competition; Dad vs Son. This partner based class is designed to be fun, interactive but encourage some seriously hard work. 

Ashtanga Yoga - This dynamic, physically demanding practice synchronises breathing with movement. The set sequences will help you to build core strength and flexibility - be prepared to sweat for it!

Hatha Yoga - A gentle introduction of basic poses, well suited for beginners. It is a practice of stretching with breathing, focusing on mobility and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga - The antidote to stress, allows us to tip the balance in favour of the parasympathetic 'quieting system'. With this, ever deepening states of relaxation ensue. Mild, gentle and prolonged stretching is supported with the appropriate use of props. The spine is moved in all different directions to unlock tension in the spine with a deep connection to breath, gravity and mental concentration.

Pilates - A combination of strength and mobility work to improve core strength, spinal support and pelvic control.

Yin Yoga - A slow-paced yoga and the perfect complement to the more dynamic yang practices. You are asked to relax and soften into predominantly floor based postures that are held for relatively long periods of time. The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender: developing mindfulness, increasing mobility, restoring energy and calming the nervous system. Suitable for all levels of students. 

Non-Member prices

Adult Classes - £15

Child Classes - £12.50

All classes included in Bounce Memberships

Special Events

Keep an eye on our social media pages as we frequently hold workshops and seminars in addition to our timetabled classes.