Don't just take our word for it...

Andy Beckinsale and the team at Bounce - The Dream Rehab Centre. I worked with Andy for a good few years and he is undoubtedly the best injury specialist I have seen in action in the UK or Aus. The guys he works with are apparently awesome as well.
— Steph Brennan, Sydney Roosters
Big thanks to Bounce for their help over the summer keeping me in check! Great and exciting place to be involved with.
— Sam Twomey, Harlequins RFC
We visited Bounce for a SKI-HAB session prior to heading to Verbier for the season. This program at Bounce is fantastic! A state of the art gym in Wimbledon running a bespoke program designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders. We learnt about the specific muscle groups we should train for skiing and the need to get ski-fit before hitting the slopes to help prevent injury. Our instructors clinical knowledge of performance/ injury rehab was second to none. Combined with their comprehensive ski knowledge it is evident they know their stuff! Explained in a way that is easily understood this one session has inspired me to get in shape for this coming season! Being ready to hit the slopes for a much-deserved holiday is paramount to enjoying your skiing and not coming home with a ‘half-term injury!’ We recommend all our guests visit Bounce for SKI-HAB sessions prior to hitting the slopes of Verbier.
— Kate Ross, Sales and Marketing Manager at Ski Verbier
Bounce has provided an exceptional physiotherapy service for Wimbledon College rugby and football teams. Their knowledge and expertise together with the application of treatment has been excellent. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and most of all reliable. They adapted to situations and ensured provision of services throughout the season.

I would highly recommend Bounce and their staff.
— Dee Gladden, Sports Medical Co-ordinator, Wimbledon College


With the help of the clinic and strength & conditioning teams I’ve massively improved my leg strength and packed on 8kgs! Great for my takedown defence and punching power.
— Jimi Manuwa, UFC Fighter
By far the best gym I have been to in the UK, let alone London. The perfect antidote to cramped commercial chain gyms with limited equipment and no personality. Bounce has loads of racks, even more good quality barbells and enough bumper plates to go around. Plenty of room for pretty much anything you want to train - there’s even a running track for sprints, prowler pushes, farmers walks etc. Loads of kit for cardio and interval training. Even at peak time I have always been able to do what I had planned with minimal waiting. The range of equipment has meant I have been able to achieve more in one year at Bounce than over years elsewhere - I found myself looking forward to each session and enjoyed the variety on offer. The customer service team are always friendly and approachable.
Bounce has been an excellent alternative to rowing for when conditions don’t allow us to go on the water. Their facility comfortably managed with the squad of 26 athletes and their level of instruction was of an incredibly high standard. The boys enjoyed the novelty of grappling , and using the indoor track with the prowler and sled. There was great rehabilitation advice on hand from some of their expert therapists for those that had any pre-existing injury concerns. The staff are very accommodating and approachable. Highly recommended!
— Patrick Duggan, Head of Rowing at King’s College School
I began working with Bounce to recover from a long term injury and to increase athletic performance about a year ago. I needed to increase my speed to help me break into the 1st XV at King’s College Wimbledon, and with their expertise and knowledge I have managed to complete that goal. As well as being challenging, the sessions were fun and personalised to what I wanted to improve which really suited me, and it felt as though I was being treated as a professional athlete. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve performance and or overcome injury problems. The team at Bounce are awesome.
— Max Woodward-Smith. Student at King's College School
Having trained in various disciplines over the last ten years, I was continually hitting plateaus and collected various injuries which seemed unexplained. I went to Bounce to be assessed and speak with the team. They immediately recognised the reasons I had not progressed and the causes of my injury. After just a few sessions, my mobility and flexibility increased, injuries and imbalances had been addressed and I was on the road to making progress again. The level of experience among the Bounce team and how they work collaboratively to ensure I received the highest level of treatment has been vital in not only rehabilitating the injuries I had, but also allowed them to teach me the cues to ensure some great progression. I have a new enthusiasm for training, which really is down to the team at Bounce.
— Jonathon Bisset, Solicitor
‘It was more than hurt feelings that bought me to Bounce, I hurt pretty much everywhere after the 3rd set of steroid injections into my neck and a series of muscle spasm episodes, I was looking at a long winter away from the rugby pitch, and a lot of time spent on the physiotherapy table. Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And so, I thought something else needed to be done; a chat with the team at Bounce showed me the light! I realised to get better again, and more, to go back to sport and stay injury free, I needed proper rehabilitation and ongoing strength and conditioning training. But first, my mobility needed addressing. I spent a few weeks stretched out all over the place, or using the lowest of low weights. This is doing things properly, and got my muscles and nerves to work in a co-ordinated fashion. I realised within a very short space of time, I could squat further, I could lunge across the gym without wobbling, and my neck and shoulders were stronger and more flexible. As I got better, I did more, learned more and bought myself a foam roller and a trigger point ball which I still use every day much to the amusement of my wife and kids. I am now 18 months in and I have never felt fitter, I have never been stronger, I stand taller and importantly play 80 minutes of rugby, badly, but regularly and have been injury free since the day I started. I have lost a little around the gut too, but none of this is for aesthetic reasons, of course *smiles*. Would I recommend them? Yes! of course, but only if I get to keep my training slot. It’s mine, not yours. You get your own.
— Andy Hayley, Retired
I was recommended to Bounce by a trusted friend of mine regarding a longstanding knee issue that had become serious enough to prejudice my career as a dance teacher. Previously, other practitioners had not been able to assist greatly. On my first visit to Bounce, they immediately identified the precise problems and immediately started me on a bespoke rehab program and treatment course. Each week I returned and each week I was re-assessed. The rehab was progressed providing I met the standards needed. After 5 weeks, I can do strenuous activity without being restricted by my knee or any pain. More importantly, I am still dancing! Bounce’s philosophy is inspiring. Unlike previous experiences of being persuaded to undertake a long course of treatment. Bounce commit to a specific and targeted rehabilitation programme and look at every aspect of my recovery. Having visited them I now have a personalised programme of exercises to strengthen and protect my knee long-term! I wouldn’t look anywhere else should I need such services again!
— Mari Sasayama